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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  July 14, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> that on on good samaritan on brought her to shore. the other was able to make it back to the shore and taken for
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i valuation. >> a body found near a golf course. the fisherman found the body near the capital expressway about pga this evening. >> bart board of directors are scheduled about the bart shooting last month. charles hill was aggressive brandishing two knives and a broken alcohol bottle before an officer shot him. he appeared drunk. one witness disputed the claim. one card a taser but did not use it. they tried to prevent protestors from causing delays again. 75 members of a no justice, no bart, storm the area of three bart stations causing them to shut down during the evening commute.
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protestors tried to hold similar demonstrations but bart will take a zero tolerance approach to future prechtsd. some latinos say they won't call the police for help. l cuba ga explains why. >> many in san jose's latino community don't trust police officers. at this community meeting they told the chief of police exactly how they feel. they 6, two agents joined with the for the growing gang problem. >> many of them are undocumented i am grants but we thought was a step backward. >> these investigators that are working with us, especially with that, i wouldn't allow that. >> the chief insists the city
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needs the help. especially since there has been 28 homicides this year, half are gang related. some undocumented residents that didn't want to be identified don't buy it. this woman says we are very worried. we live in constant fear, than on drive. the police might deport us. they wanted them to get rid. two federal agents within 30 days. >> the agents will stay there and youer told them if i see them operating outside the guidelines i will escorted them out of the building. >> that wasn't the response people wanted to hear, that is why on friday they will meet on to talk about the next step and possibly boycotting san jose police. 4:37. preservationists hoping to save the land mark hangar at moffett
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field. media partner reports the navy has used the giant hangar for decades and already paid to move the skin. they are removing the roof and walls and nazi is nasa -- is going to release a plan. >> and first time i came to work and was a beautiful morning. >> looking for a perfect friday. >> maybe he takes requests. >> free for thursday. [ laughter ] >> that went over well. she didn't laugh. >> the cold front came through yesterday and a little drier air mass. finally terry got to see the
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moon this morning. i ran into a drizzle but talk about temperatures. a little cooler this morning and the clouds wouldn't be nearly as thick. 52 in enemy and los gatos and everybody else in the mid to upper 50s. heading into the afternoon hours we'll see nor sunshine upper 50s along the coast and pockets of sunshine to low 50s and san francisco and richmond. then low to mid-70s as we head into the inland valleys. 64 at monterey. 66 in salinas and low to mid-70s gilroy and hollister. accu-weather seven day forecast, what you are going to see is cooler than average temperatures continued through the weekend. warm trchbd will bring our temperatures back to where they should be. only request in the traffic
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center please drive careful this morning. this is san rafael and ongoing resurfacing project. one lane getting by from novato down to central san rafael. more construction at 680, three on lanes and northbound 101 university to marsh construction in that area. >> thanks a lot. >> 4:40 on a thursday morning. >> california is dealing with a teacher shortage. still ahead, innovative program is helping the unemployed started a new career in the class room. >> a new neighbor that may be moving3q
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emeryville toward the bay bridge the old and new. >> look at the moon glow on the bay says kristen sze. very beautiful on out there and that could be interesting coming up in a few minutes. >> more news. speculation swirling that walmart may be moving into a new retail territory to open up two stand-alone grocery stores. they have received plans for vacant sites. in pleasanton one lists walmart and another one lists architecture firm and both proposals show a grocery store with a farm and said bakery. walmart says it has nothing to announce right now. >> in the tough economy one group of teachers in great demand, those that specialize liez in in math and south
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africans. california will need 30,000 teachers in those fields in the next ten years. lyanne melendez looks at what is being done to meet the demand. >> he has worked at retail and at a consulting firm. >> realizing math is just math, it grows into science and grows in other subjects. on. >> her training starts in this classroom, one month of intense preparation under the residency program. they will spend one year shadowing a veteran teacher at one of the 30 schools operating in low income communities in california. while working on their credentials and master's degrees. we have high demand to have and highly qualified teachers who
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understand the subjects and how to teach it well. >> the obama administration has called on nonprofits like this to recruit and prepare for science is teachers. they have already placed 1200 math and science teachers throughout california and now they have vowed to place another 2500 by 2015. despite the efforts, the state expected to fall short. that is why schools are eager to attract more career changers like tim. coming up, will she, won't she or when will she? sarah palin latest word on a possible presidential build. >> and the resolution on smoking. >> now someone is sharing him.
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internet conversations from the man accused of leaking classified documents has been released by first time we're getting a glimpse behind the leaks. >> identifying himself with the use are name brad s. 87 he writes i've had an unusual and stressful experience over the last decade. yes, questioned my gender, sexual orientation was easy to figure out but i started to come to terms with it within a first few months of my deployment. they withheld his personal revelations for more than a year but released them only after new york magazine published the same information first. manning rights, i already got myself into minor trouble revealing uncertainty for gender identity which is putting me in
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awkward limbo. julyian assange has denied any involvement with him but it took me four months to determine it was assange. i'm not interested in working for wikileaks. >> it could give prosecutors a motive to give away classified documents. he is waiting court-martial facing two dozen charges. former alaska governor sarah palin has made an announcement on when she will make the official announcement. she told fox news she will decide whether she will run for the wnh late august or early september. she says she could win a campaign against president obama and if she doesn't run, she would campaign for a candidate with good executive experience. she adds she doesn't see that candidate in the republican
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field right now. tonight, the giants are back in action, continuing the second half of the season in san diego following the all-star break, closer brian wilson taking the opportunity to take center stage with the final all-star game on tuesday. and kristen likes the tuxedo at the espy awards. >> yes, i have a field skin tuxedo suit with the bow tie. it's the gloves are dirty because i'm getting awkward and i'm getting my cougar cane. >> it looks like the beard is wearing a fake beard. [ laughter ] >> but i'm sorry to tease i brian. it's obviously you hated attention. >> he calls it, that is a stand
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up tuxedo. >> you have to be confident carrying something like that. >> i know that mike and i thinking it for next week. >> it's sweet. >> i always wanted to dress up like danny devifo like batman movie. >> that would be something. >> let's go back to the video. [ laughter ] >> makes you scared. >> a little bit of both. >> can you tell we're one day from the weekend having a little bit of fun. time to get up and get ready for those winds and cool conditions that will greet you this morning and this afternoon even though we will see more sunshine than yesterday. drizzle is few and far between but it is on out there. temperatures all in the 50s from the low to even few upper 50s.
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monterey bay and inland, low to upper 50s with mainly cloudy conditions. it's going to be brighter and breezy but cooler than average. i think we'll see more clouds tonight and patchy drizzle will be more likely tomorrow. a warming trend is still going to begin next week. for today, you see the cloud cover hanging around. it won't hang around, you see about 10:00 it dissipates by noon and then by the afternoon hours, pockets of sunshine developing at the coast. because we sometime ast strong sea breeze we're still going to see the temperatures in the 60s and 70s. it hasn't changed very much. one degree warmer in santa rosa. concord, fremont the same. only, san jose one to two degrees cooler. upper 50s sunnyvale and
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milpitas. mid to upper 70s along the peninsula. near 60' downtown san francisco and low to mid 70s in the north bay valleys. low to upper 50s along east bay shore with low to upper 70s in the east bay valleys. we'll have santa cruz gilroy and hollister low to mommy 50s. watsonville at 68. if you are traveling the state a little bit warmer inland. around sacramento, 83 and tahoe sunshine and 71 to 97 in palm springs, not going to make it 100, that is the first. here we're looking at temperatures in the 50s once again with drizzle possible. we'll start to feel the warmth on sunday but really notice the temperatures back to average, one, tuesday and wednesday of next week especially inland we'll get near 90. >> we're going to take you to san jose we've got an emergency situation with a sinkhole, its
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30 by 30 foot sinkhole. this is southbound 87, guadalupe parkway, they are trying to get the right lane fixed, the alma off-ramp. i don't know if we have a the live shot to see how 817 looking right now. there it is. but we'll follow that for you throughout the rest of the day. for all the information before you leave the house this morning go to and clique on bay area traffic. thanks a lot. >> the number of adults who smoke in california are down to a record low. officials from the state's tobacco program the smoking rate has dropped to 11.9%. that is 50% decline when the tobacco initiative was put in 20 years ago. it put a tax on every pack sold in the united states. smoking has gone down for minimum and women. >> one of the most crowded streets has breathing room this
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morning. they have replaced parking spots with powell street and union square with sidewalk extensions. it gives more walking space, and take in the sights without blocking the sidewalk. >> they have done landscaping. there is places where people can stop and have some coffee. >> and more. an estimated 100,000 people converged on powell street most weekends and there will be free wi-fi available in union square. >> all right. will there is big developments in the bryan stow beating case. new arrest may give them a boost in their investigation. >> and bart general manager will speak out for the first time regarding an officer-involved shooting that results in the death of a 45-year-old transient.
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i'm amy hollyfield, i'll have an update next. >> and the quest for got for the u.s. women's soccer team. where you can watch the match for free. tttttttttttt
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